Our Program

Monkeynastix® lessons begin with a fun warm-up song or exercise, followed by stretching positions and locomotion, children then participate in the main activity of the day (ie. balance beam, trampoline, high bar, cardio, floor work etc), which changes weekly. The class ends with sport development where children work on their kicking, catching and throwing skills.

Children are awarded with a Monkeynastix® sticker at the end of each class. Children and instructors leave the lesson feeling happy, confident and energised!

There are 19 aspects of development that Monkeynastix® concentrates on. Each and every Monkeynastix® class/activity develops one or more of these aspects. However each and every Monkeynastix® lesson will focus on a particular aspect for that class. Please see a list of these 19 aspects and their definitions in the table below.

Monkeynastix Theme
Aspect Developed
Body Control
Balance, Directionality, Stability
Directionality, Gross Motor Skills, Locomotion, Cardiovascular Fitness, Speed & Agility
Monkeynastix Floor Skills
Vestibular Sense, Proprioception, Spatial Ability, Motor Planning
Manipulative Skills (Ball & Object)
Co-Ordination, Fine Motor Skills
Monkeynastix Gross Motor
Gross Motor Skills, Laterality, Balance, Stability, Spatial Ability
Movement to Music
Cardiovascular Fitness, Locomotion, Directionality